A New Year


Well what do you know, here it is at least, a new year. Freshly made and mistake free, unless we count the last five days of course. But everyone knows that the first week of a new year is the "do-over" week, you don't make new mistakes you just carried over a few from the previous year. It's not until the 7th of Jan when you have to start behaving again.

Not only is this my first entry of the year, along with a new chronicle for those following them, but it also just happens to be the day the jester was born. So a warning to people right now, the next person that asks me do I feel any older is going to get a very large sword shoved up their very small holes until I can see the tip of it coming out of a nostril. Why oh why do people think that question is funny. It's not like you wake up on your birthday, staring into space, and think "Jesus, I am old today." The only time I ever wake up and say "Jesus" to my ceiling is when I have a really bad headache and a cold that causes my bones to hurt.

My old old bones.

Not a lot actually happened over the last few weeks, well that is actually a lie but I would need many new pages to retell all that occured. Christmas was Christmas, presents and too much food followed by the usual arguements between family members. New Years Eve was a mad party down in the country were the local pub is THE pub. Then it was days of lounging about the house recovering from the night before and getting ready for the night ahead.

Whoever said Christmas was quite obviously spent their's in an Abbey or something.


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