Okay, I am too busy to read through all my shite (and being honest I have a load of shite on this site) but in the last few weeks people have pestered me into doing a bit of standup comedy. I ain't that funny, I can just tell funny stories is all. Anyway I have had the badgering, all the constant pestering, and finally I started to toy with the idea a little. I even went as far as writing a script. Then I just sent an email to a local club in the city, just asking, about how long should a set be and that was it.

Little did I know I was dealing with an evil genius. He replied to my mail today telling me length of stints, then said I was booked in for a month from today.


See I am one of those people that likes life to flow slowly, sudden changes in the path of things unsettle me. I could have dragged this thing out for another year, building up the guts, until I was ready. Now crunch time has come about it's time to dust off the old passport and leave for shores for a month or ten. Stay tuned for how badly I tank on the night, because it's going to be up here one way or the other.

Anybody that wants to come along it's on Friday, 8th of Feb in The Flowing Tide on Abbey Street (that's in Dublin, Ireland, for any non Irish folks reading this) starting at half past eight.

Anyone from Neptune Comedy Club reading this, you are evil people. Thanks for giving me the push I need.


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