With friends like these...


So I figured that it might be a good idea to drum up some support for this Comedy thing I have gotten myself into. Spread the word around to the cohorts, associates, work mates, college mates and old time mates to get a good crowd there. A crowd that I bring along is going to be like a safety net for me. Of course half of the bastards are already wishing me the best of luck getting over my emotional scars, not to mention fruit and veg shopping for some ammo.

Oh to get my revenge on them all.

I at least found out where the damn pub is, which makes it handy to show up to the place on the night. So the plan is to head into the place next week and see what the other acts are like. Then the real panic can start.

Oddly enough I have no new chronicle to put up. H has either gotten really good at hiding her stupidity or has somehow gotten smarter. I am going to say it is the first one, the chances of the second one are slim.


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