Bricking it much?


So I decided last night to trundle down to the Neptune Comedy Club and check out how the whole thing works. First and foremost (and again this is only for those actually living in Ireland) if you have nothing to do on a Friday night and eight euros that you are not particularly fond of you could do far worse than visit this place. Kicks off at half nine, down stairs in The Flowing Tide on Abbey Street, just across from that artsy fartsy building where plays and things get put on. Well worth the entrance fee.

Anyway, I went along and these guys are good, they are sharp, they have the material rattled off to make you miss jokes from laughing at the other jokes. It was a real good night. What was funny was when they sent around an email list, so you can get told of future events and all that, one of the lads that runs the thing spotted my email. Over he comes for the pep talk followed by the pants shitting statement of:

"You're name is going up on the website, so you're in now."

The big grin at the end of it made things soooo much better. But despite all that and including all the "support" from the lads that had come along to watch the show, I am sort of looking forward to making a complete idiot of myself on stage.

I had another chronicle to put up (because that section is getting a lot of attention from visiting folk these days) but I lost the notes so that will have to be another days update.


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