Power outages are great


Today was one of those real funny days in work, when everything that can go wrong does go wrong. See in my job there are two of us that look after the lab of computers and when things go wrong one of us needs to be around to get it going again. This sort of means that when one of us goes on holidays the other just has to make do without any until they return. Which is fine, I don't mind having to do a bit more wok than normal, but somehow things always manage to go really wrong when I am left in charge of things.

Like end of the world wrong!

Last time when I was left on me onesie one of our important servers up and died, do not pass go, do not collect one hundred euro. That wasn't too bad, we have ways to deal with it until a replacement machine was gotten sorted. But today, today was one of those acts of God that had me wonder how exactly the other lab guy managed to arrange it all.

I swipe my car to open the lab door, step inside to the hum of a thousand machines and then a loud clap.


The lab plunged into darkness and every machine died at the same time. When I figure out how exactly it was arranged I will come up with a great comeback.


New chronicle up as well, it explains somethings.


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