My first 100%


So I was in at the Comedy Club again last Friday. It was a different experience this time around entirely. The crowd was a lot older, not that there is any problem with that but I thought it would be a young crowd all the time for some reason. The acts were a little hit and miss as well, which in a way made me feel better about my impending death my a thousand silences. If the guys that do it regular are going to have off nights then my first night is either going to be great or crap and there isn't a lot I can do about it. For some reason it made a feeling of calm come over me.

I got my homework back from writing Dip course that I am doing. My grade for the first lesson was above 70%, which I didn't see a lot of throughout my years in college unless I really worked my ass off. But this one is my first 100% ever (aside from a few little projects in college but they didn't add up to much for the overall grade in the subject) so I am real happy about that. She even gave some feed back on my story, how it developed, how the characters came across, etc. It was all really positive feedback as well, which is great because I am so use to my friends and family reading my work and telling me they liked it that for a stranger I have never met to tell me it is good is a big deal. I do have one or two close mates that I have nagged into being really brutal about my writing, but I sometimes feel like even then they are doing it in a nice way since I never get real bad things about anything I have written.

Oh and a new chronicle is up for the reading.


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