C-Day Approaches


It's getting nearer, that impending night of mirth that could either be the jester's best hour (or ten minutes-ish) or is worst mistake ever. Ah who knows it could result in a great night that leads me down a new road, or a horrible one where nobody laughs. Once I figured out that the worst that can happen is not a single person laughs at my stuff I sort of entered this place of peace in my head. Strange fright, sure what's that? Besides my name is now up on the line up on the webpage, so it's all happening.

For those that like to download torrents, but don't want to have to configure a torrent client, I stumbled across this little site today.


It downloads the torrent via your browser, not sure if it would work in an office setup behind firewalls and proxies but it might. Something to try on Monday when I am avoiding real work of any kind.

You might notice the slight change to the menu area. I had orginally replaced it with a funky bit of javascript that had the words bounce around when you had the mouse over them, just for fun, but of course Internet Explorer didn't want to play along and it made the links hard to read. So I just settled with removing the frame for now and leaving the links un-animated. I will try and get that going sometime later on.

New Chronicle up as well, it's a long one but that is only because of all the rubbish that happened at the same time.


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