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Right, well, I live. First things first, to anybody reading this that was at the gig, thanks for coming to it. I did warn it was only ten minutes of entertainment (be it comedic or me dying on my arse) but the crowd that turned up was a really boost for me to try my best. So thanks one and all I really appreciate it.

Now the break down. It was fucking awesome! I had been going up and down all day with my nerves, from thinking I would tank to thinking that I was going to go down alright. These peaks kept going right up until I got to the neptune, which is when a strange hyper-zen came over me. I wasn't able to sit, not from nerves, but from waiting. I had no idea when I was going to be on stage and a lot of people sitting around waiting for me to get up. In fact the worst part of the whole thing was waiting to get on the stage. I knew my jokes, I had practised them a lot and I knew that worse case scenario nobody would laugh.

Once I got on the stage, which was when I was epecting the nerves to really kick in, they didn't. I had gone further than anybody I knew, I had stepped up onto the stage with a spotlight on me and a mic in my hand and for that alone to happen took guts I honestly didn't think I had.

Not to mention the roar from my gang as I went up on stage. My one saving grace was that the MC knew I was a new guy and didn't build me up as much as other acts so I was thanking him for that because it gave me a little room to be crap. But as I made my way up to the stage 40 voices as one screamed and roared, which caused the other 30 or so people in the front to go as well. Talk about building me up by accident. But I said the first joke, got the first laugh about ten seconds into the act, and even ran over a little on my ten minute slot. All in all I was buzzing afterwards.

To the Neptune lads I say thanks for pushing me out there and also sorry for bringing some fockers along that couldn't keep quite for longer than five seconds during people's bits.

Just so people know, I have put my name down for another set. When it will be I don't know, but I will let you know as soon as I find out myself.


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