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Small changes to the site this weekend. I have finally gotten around to making my menu file, something that I really should have done ages ago but was just too lazy. But considering how many index pages there is for the various sections I just said fuck it and made it. It works, sure why wouldn't it it is a simple task, and now I have one less job to do when adding new pages to the site.

Other changes, I have taken the picture section back down again. A number of reasons for this but it is gone and will make a return when I finally sit down for a solid day or two and work on it properly. In it's place is a video page. This page is not going to get updated all that often, but that doesn't really matter. The page has one purpose in life, to show other people my stand-up comedy. I have only performed once, so at the minute there is only one video. It is at Youtube but fairly locked down (I mean who wants to keep getting comments from fat 40 year old virgins that you suck????) so I have embedded it here for ease of use. Plus it might give folks another reason to visit the site :)


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