The Death of Motojester


So, since Karma is such an all inspiring power in the 'verse these days I had to have something to balance the scales it seems after Friday night. That balance - my car got stolen. Now, I am not entirely sure if I mentioned this before, but I do not drive a modern car. Well I do to the extent that it has all the bits a car needs, but it was sixteen years old and quite possibly held together by sheer willpower alone. But it was my car and had a lot of power behind the wheel and you could get away with a lot of crazy things in it given the size of the car. It was probably the only car on the road that even a taxi driver feared to mess with, because it was worth about ten euro, driven by a mad man and had L-plates up in it.

Not to mention it was my car!

So I get a call from my dad last night. The cops have been onto him about the car, saying it looked like the driver side had been tampered with. Then they ring me, the owner, and start asking me a load of questions which made me feel like they suspected me of stealing my own car. Anyway it turns out it was stolen from outside my house and stopped about half way across Lucan. My guess is that the guy that stole it got pissed off with all the rev counts he had to keep up just to get the thing to go (one of the quaint little things about the car).

So I go down to the station today to collect it and I am left in the waiting area for about ten minutes. The garda on duty comes out and says: "I can't seem to find the key off the car!".

Regulars to the site will know that I am use to insane statements of stupidity like this from H (see the Chronicles) but even this surpassed anything I have ever heard from her.

I just looked him dead in the eye and said: "There wouldn't be, it was stolen last night. I have the keys on me!"

Long story short the jester mobile is dead. They messed with the starter so badly I can't stir it into life. Oddly enough I was getting a new car this week anyway, this just means I am bus bound to and from work for a few days until I get that all sorted.

The bit that really boggles my mind now is, why? I mean they could have actually earned more from an hours work in McDonald's than stealing my heap of wheels. Of course the radio is a nice one, and also gone, so maybe that was worth the troubles. But I mean really, if I was going to steal a car I think the two year old audi sitting next to mine would have been more worth the effort. I guess scumbags are getting dumber with all the in-breeding going on.


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