End of the bus saga


Well it is the end of my travels of on the bus into work everyday, for the moment at least. I finally got the insurance disc for my car on Friday afternoon so the car was legal to go on the road again. All that was needed was to tax it as well, which was done this morning. God how that week of not driving was killer, I hadn't realised that I enjoyed driving so much. I had realised how much more superior having the ability to drive in and out of work was, but just how good it was to be behind the wheel. The new car is a nippy little thing as well, a slightly bigger engine but much more power under hood. Just overtaking some arsehole today on the way into work was a scarey experience.

Been working the whole car theft thing into my next comedy routine as well. Some of the stuff that the garda did was just pure comic gold. Still waiting for a date in Neptune again, but have started to look around the web for other clubs in Dublin. Maybe even entering into a Battle of the Acts thing and seeing how the gags go down with a room of picky bastards.

Plus new chronicle up, not that long but still a little good.


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