It's rare for me to have to have two rants one day after the other with the same thread, but my jesus if H didn't help this happen today. But I actually have two things to get across so this might be a long winded (aren't they always) entry.

Regarding yesterday's post about copy and paste commands I was left a comment on my bebo page by a reader. Yes, yes, Jester has a bebo page. I buckled to all the invite mails that I have gotten over the years and created a profile but there was an reason behind it. It stopped me getting hassled by people about not having one, even if I do let it collect internet dust from lack of use.

So anyway, a comment is left on the profile. A comment about yesterday's post, despite the fact the comment could have been left on the comments page of THIS site, but we will over look the stupidity of the person in question. Or the sheer lack of interest in the menu at the left. Anyway the post made reference to the fact that the below may not be entirely correct. It said that to copy you would use "Control+C" and to paste you would use "Control+P"

Very true, but since I know people can be picky I decided to leave out the "+" from the command because I didn't want some smart arse saying that those three buttons together don't do anything. But no, instead a smart arse decided to point out that the command is missing the "+". So now I am going to address this problem. Yes the below commands may be a little unclear. If you hold the Control button and then press the C button it will copy the selected text or other information that may be copied. If you hold the Control button and then press the P button it will paste whatever is on the clipboard, if it can be pasted.

So there you go smart arse. Bebo about that!

But back to the title of the post. This is something that H told me about today. She went into work and asked the schools computer expert, a job held by a teacher, about the other method of copy and paste. He looked at her blankly and said "There is not other way. Up to the menu, select copy. Unless your housemate means the right click from the mouse...".

Now hold the fucking phone here. I am many things, but I know I only talk about things that I have a grasp of. This "teacher" is actually trying to imply I made up this keyboard mnemonic (see arsewipe, I know what they are called) despite the fact most of the edit menus I have seen in the computer world all contain them.

What is worse is how this guy was given this post. Apprently all schools have two lists. One list is the ranking, i.e. how long a teacher is in the profession. The other list is called the B-postings, jobs that don't require a full time teacher but do require some teacher to fill the role. Now back in my school days I always assumed that the second jobs that teachers had in the school were based on how skilled they were. Such as the English teacher that was in charge of school plays or the Physics teacher that did the sound and microphone setup for meetings. The subjects they taught in bore some hint that the second task they did was assigned because of it. It turns out that this is not the case. When a teacher gets to a certain level on the first list they are given a job from the B-posting list, whichever one is currently free and in need of filling, regardless of the skills they have in that job.

How fucking retarded is that? I mean this guy clearly just knows how to turn on a computer without blowing it up and yet he is given the job of computer admin for the scholl! Not to mention that he gets 8000 euro extra a year, for doing a job he isn't capable of doing.

Sure I can't teach one bit, maybe I should go into teaching, be given some B-post in metal work or something else that I have no idea about. Then again I might be too qualified given the high standards already set in the school that H works in, more so if they just hand out those B-posts like candy.

And teachers wonder why they get a hard time from the general public? It's because it's a fucking baby club where if you cry loud enough you get more money from the government, more time off and a bigger cash lump during the year for other stupid shit.

God how I hate teachers even more now!


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