Move day and Migraines


An unsettling thing has happened. I appear to have developed the tradtion of having a migraine on move day. Myself and H have shifted out of the current abode into a newer apartment a town over. It was the original location we were meant to move into but delays with builders and what not have caused us to be five months late in the move. But it was all ready so we decided to get in as early as we could and moved in over the weekend. Now, when we first moved into the old house I had a migraine on move. A killer of a migraine, a massive mother of all migraines, to make the move all the more fun this time as well. Just hope that I don't make a habit of this now whenever I move on again.

Started getting new material ready for a second stint at Neptune. Once we get the broadband sorted in the apartment I will drop a mail to the lads, which means I will probably be on sometime in May since April is fully booked. Also started to fine tune the comedy contest script to make sure it is witty and zippy.

Also, new chronicle, fresh from the new apartment. I have some old ones from the last place but this one is just too good to let lie until the other ones get written.


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