Back Online


Hello, hello. After nearly a month without any internet The Jester is back online and ready to make you waste your time reading the rubbish that I spew forth on a random basis. A lot of stuff happened in the last month, so much so that it might take too much time to recall it all and add it here. So I will just carry on as if nothing happened and just put down the useless nonsense that has been in my head the last while.

First and foremost, there was an entry written on the day of the move, March 18th, but because we had no internet it has only gotten uploaded today. Secondly, because she was struggling so hard to contain it, H has finally fallen back on insane ways and slipped up. So there is not one, but two new tales of her madness up for you. Not to mention a few unwritten ones that will be getting typed when I get some time to.

In other news I purchased a new phone recently with the ability to go onto a wifi network. Reason being that one of the guys in work pointed out this great application called fring, think of it like Gaim or Pidgin for mobiles. It takes to everything from icq to skype, including allowing you to make skype calls to skype users. Not to mention it is a free application and if you have wifi you have a totally free method of communicating with people.

Also the comedy and driving test are both fast approaching and I still have to start doing work for either of them. Messing around with a wifi router for two days did not help matters all that much. So next week it is all guns blazing learning the rules of the road, doing minor rewrites for the comedy and learning the material. On the plus side the contest is judged by how the crowd reacts to your jokes, so I should get the posse together and win by sheer numbers.

Proper updates when I get the time to.


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