Getting back into the habit


You have to love having the internet after being without it for small periods of time. At least when you go on holiday, if you really need to check something online, you can go into an internet cafe or something and pay for a few hours of web time. When you are living in an internet free place it is different. You can still go and visit a cafe or something, but there is a nice peace for a while. Then you get the net back and suddenly all the old habits that have been denied for the last month come pouring back in. Such as blogging, writing chronicles, browsing for porn, downloading music, downloading t.v. shows, browsing for porn and um...

Anyway. Small fix to the comments section. I noticed, through the postings of others, that sometimes a was added to a comment. That will not happen anymore wuth any luck. Shodding coding yes, but like I keep saying this is being written by me as a small project so I like to work out the kinks that way.

New chronicle up as well.

And in a small break from the norm I just want to let people know that today, six years ago, a good friend of mine passed away. At the time we were in first year of college and had just started to form the bonds that happen in a new circle of friends. His passing was a sad event, as all passings are, but in a way it made us all come a little bit closer, because on this day every year since it happened all of the college people will drop everything, rearrange their lives, so that we can all meet up for some grub and drinks and toast the life of a very good person. A great man if you will. I don't usually post feely stuff up here but I figure that that bastard is up on the cloud right now reading the blog and he would be pissed if I didn't mention it. Since it's a post on today.

We now return you to our usual bastard like blogging.


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