Do Not Approach!


Gave the altered comedy script a run through last night. I have over seven minutes of it so have to trim some more lines before next week. Shouldn't be too hard, I had made one joke a little longer to fill time but it works just as well in the short version. Just have to start learning it off now. I recorded myself half reading/reciting it and put it onto my Ipod, so I can listen to it in the car over the next few days. That should help learn it off in time for the contest.

Also, one thing I don't think is really clear about me is this:


People keep coming up to me in work and asking me for help with this or can I show them how to do that. I am not all that approachable people, move on. Do not pass Go! Do not collect two hundred jester related burn marks for pestering me first thing in the morning before I have had my third cup of tea. Is it really that hard? I come in, log onto my machine, read email and drink my tea. Then I get more tea and reply to some of those mails. Finally I get my last cup of tea from the pre-lunch side of the day and start to do my other little jobs. But lately people appear to not know that I must have three cups of peaceful tea before being pestered with every little poxy problem they have with their computers.

Whoever started this rumor that The Jester is your "go-to-guy" before three o'clock in the afternoon has lied! Stay the hell away from me until I show some hint that my brain is fully awake.

I am not a warm and fuzzy person. I do not like hugs. I detest children below the age of 21. You have been warned.


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