An Epic Trip


So, my old test is coming as was mentioned before in a previous post. I have done all the rule learning and the sign learning and the question learning and have just started to break out in a cold sweat to enjoy the wait. One thing that I figured I would do during the week was actually find the test centre since it is in Naas. Or at least that is what the little letter that came with the test slip said. So I took a little spin out to it to meet up with my friend and her boyfriend who had kindly said that he would show me the routes (having sat his test in the same centre only a month prior). Out I go, knowing the roads most of the way down, and switch to using the map on the back of the test letter when I hit Naas.

Actually looking at this "map" before relying on it probably would have been a good thing to do.

When I get the time I might just scan the map in and upload it for others to see and laugh at. It was little more than a lot of lines that criss crossed, something that could have represented a bridge and a little square that was apparently the Test Centre located in Naas. So I drive through the town, listening to my music, keeping an eye out for the bridge that I will cross. When I clearly have left the town limits I pull in, check my map once again, then spin around and head back into town. At this point my friend rings me wondering what the hell is taking me so long. Turns out that the map is less use than an underwater hairdryer. The "bridge" is not a bridge at all, it is a break in a really long road that leads to Newbridge. Where the test centre actually is! I figure that the test on the day is not actually to be tested, but instead to see if you can get to the test on time. Someday I hope to draw a useless map like this and give it to some driving tester. Maybe that fat witch that failed me last time.


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