So, the end of my busy week at last. I know it is only mid-week but the two back to back days of fun and frolics are over and thus my busy week ends. I am of course not mentioning the amount of work that the job has on offer, a busy week for me is only on my time. When work starts to count as a busy week more than your social life you have to start to consider changing jobs.

First things first: The Comedy. Well sadly it did not go as well as it could have, but I was still really happy for doing it. I was the runner up act on the night (out of five two get through and if one of those two has to pull out I am in). I was not on form at all, I did my set a little faster than I should have. I was meant to be on the stage for seven minutes, with a warning at the sixth minute, but don't think I made it past or near six. What happened was I didn't get the first laugh until nearly two jokes in, which sort of threw me a little since the last time my first line got the roar I was hoping for. But I look on that in a good way, now I have a better grasp of a crowd and what they may or may not like. Most of my stuff got laughs, which was good enough for me, and it was only my second time to ever be on stage so either way it was a good thing to do. I was talking with some of the judges and other comedians (the actual ones that ran the contest) and they said that it was a very close run thing between myself and the second place guy. One of the judges had even seen my Neptune gig before and I was delighted to hear that my jokes work upon a second hearing just as they did when brand new. I already have the name down for my next Neptune slot so I have to start working on new jokes now.

In other news I passed my driving test. That is right folks, get off the roads, leave your cars in the middle of the street and head for the hills. Jester is legally able to sit on the M50 with the rest of you. Oh happy happy joy joy. I thought I had failed at one point because I made a pretty big mistake (or at least I thought it was big) but the tester either didn't notice it or didn't care about it. Plus this time it was a thin guy, not a fat bitch, so there was no chance of making a small fat joke before starting the car. Not to mention that he put the seat belt on, so apparently it is only the fat bitch that thinks it is fair to mess with people's heads.

Now that is all. Go outside and play.


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