It's quiet...


...too quiet.

Well it isn't really, since there is construction work going on right outside my office window. I just never get the chance to say things like that, not being a spy or a superhero or anything. But the week has been fairly quiet. No dreaded tests/exams to have to prepare for. No comedy to go over and hone. Nothing really hectic going on.

It's very boring actually. I have an essay to finish for the DIP course (only four more modules left and I have that finished) but I just don't seem to have the drive to get it done. Even though I am enjoying the essay, I guess I just am zonked from the last week or two of madness. Not to mention the fact that as of today I have had a migraine for eight days straight. It started last Tuesday, just a small little one, the kind I can ignore most of the time, but one Thursday morning at around four or so it became seriously bad. I was talking to God on the Big White Phone for a bit. Then I went into work, only to come home and have my head tore clean off my shoulders from H. In fairness she was right to do it, I was in no state to go into work let alone drive. There may have been a zombie like shuffle through the apartment as she got ready for work. Complete with the need for walls to hold me upright and my eyes to not be open at all. But I did the mature thing and only took tablets when I got into the office.

Yes I am back on pills for the head. But not prescription ones and I still have the willpower to only take them when it is 100% needed.

Anyway, there was no real need for this post, other than to just post something since the last time I did was a week to the day. I have a chronicle in the works but it is taking time. H is being very careful again these days, I might have to start confusing her just to get material to write up. Going paintballing at the weekend, can't wait for that. Never been before and it makes a nice change from the normal weekend events of pub, writing, hanging out and doing very little.

Just before I sign this off. There is a possible new section coming to The Bauble. A chronicle was submitted to me from a third party. It in no way involved H, but was still so stupid that it was a chronicle nonetheless. It was even submitted in chronicle style and format. If other people have stories they wish to have up online somewhere send them to me and I will look at setting up a "Submitted Chronicles" section for them to find a home. Plus it might take some of the slack away from H, people are suggesting I am being very mean to her by publishing her idiot actions. To these people I're right. If you stop reading the chronicles I'll stop writing them,

Oh the paradox.


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