Day 9


So, I have had a headache for the last nine days in a row. Nine. Whole. Days. It is a really bad migraine that keeps flaring up. Last Thursday it was so bad that it woke me up from my sleep and had me having a good old yap with God on the Big White Phone. So on and on it goes, getting a little bit easier to handle and then becoming a bastard pain in the head during the evenings. Oh the fun of it all.

Right, updated the comments section. Added a new way to split the messages, think it makes it easier to read but let me know will ya. Fixed yet another bug in the comment code as that was caught by three people when they left a post. Thanks to J and HF, most recent posters, for spotting that one for me.

And there are two submitted chronicles already, so that section might just burst into life sooner than I planned. Keep 'em coming.


Tags: migraines

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