Half Inderanderal (?)


Try say that title three times fast sober! This is my new friend in the world of migraines. After waking up on day ten and having conversations with a lot of the females in my life, I went down to the doctor. Poxy whoring doctor. Ah he isn't that bad, he just tells me things I have heard hundreds of times over. But this time he went through my medical files because I told him all the tablets that didn't work and it caused him concern. Turns out years ago when I was prescribed inderander-mouthful I was given the wrong amount. Now I have a half year supply of the things. One a day.

Supposedly they are something called Beta-blockers. Rather than stop a migraine in progress they are meant to stop them appearing full stop. So this is my new daily routine. Made all the more fun because of the previous addiction to tabs for migraines. Oh fun and games.

Speaking of fun and games paintballing is tomorrow morning. Going to be awesome, friendly fire might occur but sure we is all friends. Well mostly.


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