I can dodge paintballs?


I hurt in places that I shouldn't, I am a stiff old man (no dirty jokes please) that is half-walking half-limping (all bitching, according to short immigrants) around the place because muscles that have not been used since the doc told me I had to stop running six years ago. I have welts on my body from where the cheatings whores on the red team shot at point blank range or in the back as you left the game field.

It was a great day!

Costly little sport to get into but well worth the money and the fun of the game. The guns were not all that accurate but then again they are hardly designed to kill people. Although they come close with the level of pain they can inflict.

The best moment, for me at any rate, of the games was when myself and my best mate made a perfect planned move to get a flag to the other side of the game zone. Each game was two rounds, with a swap around sides in the middle so you get any 'advantage' the other side had, and I had spent all my bullets in the first round and started round two with the flag and an empty gun. Me and my mate teamed up, him running forward and providing fire and me following close behind with flag. About half way up the field we got pinned but had another team mate with us. I told them I was just going to drop my gun and run for it, because I would be faster without the weight, and would swing left. It was one of those moments you want to get on video.

My mate jumped out from the cover and ran straight down the field with his gun firing wildly, followed by the other guy with us, and finally me. As the two of them drew fire and killed people I just ran full tilt down half the field to score for our side. Of course the red team (or five of them at least) were screaming that they had shot me along the way and I had not scored but when the judge looked at me he couldn't find a single spot of wet paint to show I had been hit.

I'm not saying I can dodge paintballs, I'm saying when the time comes I don't have to. :)


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