Pills, Pills, Pills


It's funny how when you tell people you are now taking a pill a day to just be able to get up in the morning (not that kind of up you scumbag!) they all suddenly remember that you were in a similar situation before but for the wrong reasons! THE DOCTOR TOLD ME TO TAKE THIS PILL EVERY MORNING! And no, it is not the morning after pill or a birth control pill or something to help with my period, okay smart-ass?! I swear to god that whole keep your friends close thing doesn't really apply when it comes to my collection of "friends". It can just be shortened down to "keep those bastards close!" and still be 100% truthful.

Better get to work at some stage today as well. It's half eight in the morning now and usually I am already on the road a half hour at this stage. But the sun is shining, the builders and banging and I am about as inclined to go and spend nine hours in an office as I am to try acupuncture for my migraine.

There is a chronicle on the way, it is a good one.


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