A Pox on Pills


So despite the wonder drugs I am no on I am still getting bad migraines. Which is fairly annoying considering that I spent fifty quid being told by a "doctor" that the pills would help me. I think the only up side to things is that the half-inderanderal does sort of lessen the pain of the migraine at the start just long enough for me to get home and sort things out. But still, I was told I would be near migraine free and so far I have had one a day since Monday. Meaning I only got the long weekend free from headaches, which is something at least. Of course the last few days haven't even been the same migraine because it keeps moving or changing, meaning it is a new one each time. Oh happy happy joy joy.

I applied for my full license today. The very abrupt lady in the tax office said I should have it in five working days. So that is about ten if you take into account that they will take five days to move the signed sticker from my application to a little license and then get it into the post. Ah if only I worked in a job with a union like that, one that worked hard to ensure the worker didn't have to work hard.


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