Let's call a spade a spade!


And fuck all this Poltically Correct Bullshit out the window before I arm up and go on a killing spree!

What sprouts such an odd opening to a post you might wonder. Well wonder no more, for I shall tell you. I listen to NewsTalk 106 a lot when driving. It is a good radio station that has some alright shows and some interesting ones. Mostly it is so I don't have to listen to what passes for music these days. Anyway, I was driving into work the other day and one of the presenters happened to say the following phrase while discussing something about car insurance for men and women: Let's call a spade a spade!.

Now if anybody knows another meaning for that please leave a comment for me to enlighten me. For years I have always took that phrase to mean something along the lines of "let's stop beating around the bush and talk simple without all the clever word games." In other words, let's be blunt about what we are talking about.

Said radio show received a text from an angry listener who said if they heard that phrase uttered again, with the racial slur it carries, they would stop listening.

HOLD THE FUCK UP HERE A SECOND! I have never in my twenty five years on this planet ever been told that that phrase somehow was insulting to a class or creed of people. When I asked about its meaning I was told in very simple words that it meant "to be blunt" and not call a spade a shovel because it isn't. Where in blue perfect hell did a racial slur creep into this?

See, I have mentioned before how I hate "racism" in Ireland these days. Mainly this sort of bullshit, some virgin sitting in his mother's kitchen listening to the radio with a notepad in his hand taking down every single word he hears and then google searching until something crops up and he can look like the big virgin hero that he isn't.

Funny thing about the internet, it's worldwide. I popped onto Wikipedia and searched for that phrase. Turns out that the virgin may be onto something. The phrase came into use in 1919 in its current form and wordage. It first cropped up in common talk around the 1500's, a little longer and less easy to say while drunk but still the same sentence. In 1928 the word "spade" picked up a racial tone when targetting people of a darker skin tone, of a less light skin colour, when used with a black person in mind. It is close, but not as bad as, the "N" word that white folk can't say but the nigga's can because that is somehow different.

So Virgin-man was right, but the way I see there are a few years between the 1500's and 1928, so most people using the phrase probably have no idea that it could, possibly, maybe, if you ran to the internet and googled the words straight after hearing the phrase, mean something racist and are using it like I use it: to get straight to the point on something. If people did not keep pushing this PC bullshit so much they would find that the world is not full of as many racist dickheads as they think it is. Also Virgin-man should go and get laid, even if it is his sister or his aunty or something, because if he has that much time and spunk on his hands he is terminally in need of a good fucking.

Although, he would be handy to have at a pub quiz if he was able to pull something like that out of his retentive anal passage.


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