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Go on, call me on it. I dares ya!

You have to love traffic. I mean who doesn't? It is one of those freak things that man has created but in no way can control or explain correctly. One day you can drive down the N4 at half eight in the morning and not stop except when the light goes red. I like those days, means I get into work in about forty minutes. Other days you can leave at the exact same time and be in traffic for an hour and a half with no godly reason for it happening to begin with. On a hot day, I don't like traffic like that. What's worse is that the hour and a half bit of the journey was just to get into town, I still had about twenty minutes before getting into the office.

The real pain in the ass bit was that I had considered taking an alternate route this morning, a more relaxing way shall we say, to enjoy the sun on the drive in, but thought that others might have had the same idea. Turns out nobody had the same idea, in fact the entire population of the work force that works in the city had only one idea this morning and it involved all being on the same road.

But at least you get entertained during your heat melting sit in the car. The "Traffic Drama" is brilliant. You get people cutting people off for no reason, guys stopping in the yellow box (100% in the wrong) and then hurling abuse at the drivers they are blocking (who are 100% in the right because the light is in their favour). If it wasn't the two factors of I have a job to get to and the heat can really get bad in the car I would sit in traffic all day and just watch people reach boiling point.

In other news, if you have some money lying around I suggest getting a copy of a game called Portal. It's a first person shooter puzzle game, but the thing you use to solve the puzzles can be a lot of mind-messing fun.


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