Clutch me!


Poxy car has as near as died on me as is possible. Coming home from work on Friday, nearly at my place, and the damn thing gave out on me at a traffic light. Now, I did not panic. Just hit the hazard lights straight away and started to try and get the engine to go again for me. Of course arseholes directly behind me decided to blow the horn rather than 1) Look at my hazards and see maybe I was in trouble and 2) Just drive the fuck around me because nobody was in the other lane.

I eventually got home, following four more of these little engine slips, and thanked the man in the clouds for helping me out a bit on the way. But damn it to hell. A new car (or at least one big enough for me to get into and not some stupid micra) is going to be costly and I am stretched thin at the moment with money. I am hoping it is a fixable problem and not a non-financially fixable problem. But it means I now have that epic four-hour round-trip bus journey on my cards for the next few days until it gets sorted.

I hate the bus!

Oh and the distinct lack of chronicles lately is because H has done nothing worthy of one. It is getting very annoying I tell you, I am even setting up brilliant situations and she doesn't fall for them. How disloyal she is to her fans!


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