Bye bye, bus.


Well at least I hope so. Car should be all fixed tomorrow morning and ready for collection, not to mention the heavy dent to the wallet. But needs must, and I need to get off the bus. Today it was held up because of an arguement with the driver and three scumbag travellers that just wouldn't act like decent humans. How the driver didn't just drive over the three of them was a mystery to me, it seemed like a solution to everyone's problems, his included.

I have to start looking for another comedy club to try out my wares in as well. I have to actually finish off the second script too, but that is another matter entirely. If I ain't got a place to joke in then there isn't much need to have the jokes. It is like an itch that I can't scratch, I need to be on that stage again and try and make people laugh. Just because the contest didn't go according to plan doesn't mean anything. If nothing else it should be a sign that I have to try harder. Not that I was upset at the contest or how it went, all experience as far as I am concerned.

Another chronicle is up. Three in a row, she is back on form.


Tags: rant

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