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I was going to post up about how I spent the long weekend, but that can wait until another day. I sort of feel that I have to just post this before I change my mind about it. Like I have said to various peoples over the year and a bit that the Bauble has been active, I like to keep it as a place to rant about things that bug me or to just pop up little interesting things I found on The Net. But once again I am going to dip into the realm of the personal head space that is The Jester's mind.

I was in work today and at lunch received a text message from my mother asking if it is okay to ring me. This is a new system that I had to introduce to her because she always has her number marked private and I will not answer a private number unless I know who is ringing. I have explained this to her before but she would insist then on leaving a voice mail. After the tenth time of me not returning the call she learned that a pre-warning text message was the way to go.

Anyway I left the canteen and rang her back to see what was up.

Turns out an old friend of mine had died over the weekend. And by old I mean old as in I knew him for a while, not his age. Back when I first moved to Lucan he was one of the first new friends I made, and me being a little nuts in the head even then. Now, as life happens you make new friends and can grow apart from other ones. I have to admit we did grow apart, but that was because he started to dabble in things that I wanted no part in and we just moved out of the friend circle into the "friendly nod on the street or catchup in the pub" circle.

Which isn't a bad thing, in fact I would rather have a friendship move into that circle than the bastard circle some of my "good" friends have moved into lately. But still, despite not really talking much over the last eight or so years the news of his death is still a big shock to my system. It brings back memories of the other deaths I have had to live through, painful thoughts that I would much rather avoid.

What is worse is the rumor wheel is bound to go into overdrive. Drugs! Drink! Fights! All sort of moot points. The guy is dead, the rumor wheel should be turning to see if his family need help getting through such a bad time.

For my own part I don't want to know the cause, just like to think that he is in a better place now.

We now return to your usual Bauble bastardness!


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