A twist in the joke


Well, it appears that the gods are fond of making the jester's brain hurt and keeping me in suspense about things. Sitting in work today, trying desperately to not destroy a very expensive piece of hardware because it just refuses to work like it should, my little phone goes "beep beep beep". To break the monotony of the day I shouted "BOMB!", but nobody found it as funny as it seemed in my head.

So, being interested in the text, I gave the phone the correct button clicks to open up the wonderful message. It was from the Comedy Club that ran the contest I had entered into a few weeks back. The one that I was not good enough to get through round one. They are having the second Semi-Final next week, on Tuesday to be precise, and one of the guys had to pull out. Little old jester, being apparently the top choice from the runners-up, has been offered the position if I want it.

At first I didn't know what to do. Of course I want the chance to get on stage once again, but I had not written any new material and figured that since my original set wasn't good enough the first round it would definitely not be good this round. I mean this was the semi-final, the guys are going to be the best from a few rounds. But after a few back and forth texts with the organiser I have taken the slot. I will, hopefully, try a mixture of new and old material. I don't have long enough to write and learn new material, but I have enough new stuff written to get it polished and in my skull before the contest.

Ah the life of a comedian, it is fun to say the least.


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