Avoiding Things


I appear to have gotten into the really weird habit of avoiding doing things that need to be done by doing things that aren't really all that important. Like the site updates I just finished uploading.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now in the semi-finals of the comedy contest. I should, by all rights, have worked on my comedy this evening (it has just gone midnight) and practised the jokes because I have only a few days to do all that. Instead I made some changes to the website (background stuff so it isn't even worth mentioning but I did) that have been in my head for the last few days and just couldn't wait to be made.

Well, that is a lie. They could wait, I just found that I couldn't sit around and not do nothing, so instead of doing the comedy (which I should have) I updated the site workings (which I really shouldn't have). Ah well.

I can sleep easy at night knowing that I at least did something constructive during the day. Plus, with that small project out of the way for a bit longer I can focus on doing nothing but pure comedy over the weekend.

See, it wasn't so much time wasting as wasting time.


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