Get it together, Jester


I am sitting here, browsing the web and posting to my blog when I have less time to come up with new comedy material than I would like. Not to mention that even if I come up with something brilliant I still have to go and learn it off.

Yet I can't seem to focus, a load of little things keep creeping into my mind to make me seek out anything else in the world to do rather than what needs doing.

I don't know if it is nerves or something. I was shit freaked at the last round of the contest (as a few of the lads spotted) because I had followed a great act (as I have mentioned) and was content in the knowledge that my material was nowhere near as strong as his had been. Is this in my head again? Has the Jester finally reached a point where he is not dead inside?

Right, no more of this pointless blog (I only did this bit to get it out of the system and allow for me to focus on my comedy. Plus with my new code in place it now makes it easier to just post whenever). To comedy!



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