C-Day Part Deux!


Well the day has finally come. Not that this is all that big a deal to be honest. It isn't like this is my first time getting up on the stage and telling what I consider to be jokes. In fact it isn't even my second.

It is the fact that for this gig I have had less time to prepare than the previous two. A few days notice, a weekend lost in a blitz of writing down anything and everything funny I could think of and just under two days to learn it off.

I have recorded the script to my Dictaphone and listened to it in the car on the way home yesterday and spotted areas that are weak. I made adjustments last night and have now got a mish-mash script of the previous jokes (check out the video section) and new jokes. It is up to the Comedy Gods now to see what happens.

Hopefully I have a camera man attending tonight so I can upload a video for all those folks that are missing the show tonight. Of course I have yet to hear back on whether this mate is going to be there or not, so if he isn't it is just too bad for those of you that don't care enough to show up :P

Oh and in other news I have yet again received a 100% from my writing Diploma course assignment. One lesson left and that is another qualification under my hat. Maybe I will change jobs now, who knows.


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