Time, it's all relative


I feel it is time to explain to some people (mainly those that read this) about my problem with Time. It is something that I think I have hinted to in the past through various rants and it is definitely something that most of my friends know about. It comes up so often in conversation as well that I figured I might as well waste a post on the site to try and explain it to people, or attempt to.

I have no concept of time.



Insert other words that imply none here.

I, for some reason, can't remember "when" things happen.

I do understand how time works, seconds, minutes and all that lark. Just not how it happens in my life.

It is sort of funny really, I think I have always had this problem but only realized it in recent years after. Others that know me however have pointed out my near perfect recall of events that happened years ago, down to strange details even they didn't notice. I am some sort of human elephant it seems, even with a set of ears to match (just before some smart arse points that out).

In a nutshell, anything outside of roughly two days gets sucked into the soup that is my mind, but I can't remember the "when" of it happening. At a stretch I can usually handle about a week of time, then it is long gone. Years and minutes are nearly the same to me. I even had a discussion with H one time about how her brother had only been up in our place yesterday, recalling nearly everything he did, said, ate and drank, and it was her that remembered he had done those things about a week previously.

The mind of the jester is clearly wired differently to the normal people in the world. At first it was sort of a joke but more and more people agree that my time concept is dreadful, despite claims from my girlfriend that I just use it as a crutch because I have established it.

It does come in useful for two things though. The working week seems a little shorter as the days blur into one another, so Friday always seems to get here quicker. Also I have so much ammunition for debates/arguments that crop up to make a point that people usually avoid having them with me because they would struggle to recall the same details.

I would love to actual know the reason my brain works this way. I rely on calendar reminders and events that happen regularly to get a grasp of important times of the year. How I can pull up random information without a chronological internal indexing is a mystery even to me.

See, a pointless post. But something that a few people may get a chuckle from.


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