The Semi Final


I have left it a bit before posting about the comedy because I wanted to get the video up for people to see. My best mate done a good job (you can hear his reaction to some of the jokes on the video). It is in the video section of the site.

Well, the night itself. For the first time I actually hung out backstage with the other acts on. At my first gig I got to talk to a few of them after the gig but it was so much fun prior to getting out on stage. We joked, we laughed, we played

mind games with each and then admitted the mind games were being played. It was a great relaxed way to prepare for the gig itself.

This time around there was eight of us on stage and we started the show rather than followed the comedy group. I was last to act again. The other seven acts were a good mix of useless and hilarious and there is no two ways about it, some of the lads were brilliant. The three that got through deserved nothing less.

My set, well you will see yourself. It wasn't as good as the first one. The little time I had to prepare the jokes and learn them meant I had more raw material than I should have had.

Basically, I died on my arse. But in a way I wanted that to happen. I had very few people there to support me alone (five to be exact) and it was still great fun to be up on the stage and try something new and untested.

Roll on the next gig!


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