Bad Mannered Fucks


I really do hate bad manners. It is just one of those things that should not be accepted in the world today. I have mates with bad-mannered girlfriends (who they always defend with the "she is shy" bullshit excuse. Shy after a few years isn't shy, it's insulting) and I even have family members that would grunt at you rather than engage in conversation. There is no call for it at all and it is insulting and rude to people.

But today I was met with a new kind of bad mannered fuck!

In my job there are many little groups (not social ones but work groups that perform various jobs) and who rarely interact. Now, having been brought up with manners, I will give a friendly nod or smile to people as I pass them in the hallway and hold a door open for people when we happen to be using the same entrance way. Most of the time these kindly gestures are met with a responding kindly gesture and the world spins along on its nice little axis.

There are two groups that are the exception though. One of them I know full well they have this rude streak as a requirement to being hired but the second group (on the same floor that I work on) must have started a similar policy.

The reason I am mentioning this today is simple. Our coffee areas have a big heavy duty coffee machine, like in cafes, and a kettle. Usually people making tea use the coffee machine to spit out hot water, but it is broken so the kettle is now the main boiling water provider. I went to the dock for my morning cup (I may have mentioned I need a few cups of tea in the morning to function) and found the kettle empty.

Now, I could have been a mean bastard and boiled enough water just for me. This would have been good for the environment and all that jazz, but I know others have tea roughly at the same time as me so I put a full kettle on and waited nearby. I also got a cup out and dropped a tea bag into it, all ready for the jester's cuppa.

Along comes four of these rude as fucks from the rude group. They all gather, neigh surround, the kettle and watch as it boils. One person points out the kettle is boiling and a cup is prepared, despite none of their party having performed such an act. As I sit close by with a newspaper I hear somebody indicate that perchance I put the kettle on.

Anyway, the kettle boils and they swoop for the kill. I don't mind, more than enough to go around I think. I stand up and saunter over to claim my cup just as the group has finished and moved on.


Not only have they used the entire kettle of water (one fuck had a cup the size of the grand canyon) but some fuck has also used the cup I had set out for myself. They come in, they don't say so much as good morning to my greeting smile, they use the ENTIRE kettle of water and steal a cup they know has been set out by myself.

Wonder if HR would have an issue with me boiling a kettle of water and throwing it in people's face?


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