So, my lil bro (who is taller than me but that is besides the point) is a man that has a brain for making cash. He is one of those lazy genius sorts, the fella that has ideas that actually make sense and quite possibly will work but just can't be bothered to invest the time into making them work.

One thing he has been on about over the years is this Affiliate Marketing that is done on the Internet. You have no doubt seen the sites, ads along the side of them. This is one way that site will make money. My bro has created (and considering he is just a little above average when it comes to computer skills) a poker website that reviews other poker sites and has started this Affiliate thing on his site. The other day it started to make him some money, he was paid 70 dollars for his troubles.

Now, you are not going to retire on that sort of cash obviously, but it does bear thinking about.

Of course as he described this too me his brain kicked into gear and set its sights on The Bauble for some affiliate stuff. One thing I have always said is this site is just for me, made by me and the way I want with little regard for the input of others aside from the comments they leave. I am not going to bastardize the site and have ads all over it just to make a few extra dollars a month.

But we did start discussing the pros and cons of having a site like that and came up with an idea: A Webcomic. Hardly original, no doubt done a thousand times before, but a site like that is ideal for ads to be littered all over it.

It might not happen today, it might not happen tomorrow, but there is a possiblity on the wind that The Bauble may soon have a little brother or sister site. I will keep you informed.

Also, a new chronicle. It might be the last one for a while since H is going away for a few weeks, but at least she left this gem as a farewell gift.


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