Same day, different post


So yet again I am avoiding doings things that I need to get done. This time it is three things. First, the last course work for my writing diploma, but that is only a matter of sitting down and focusing. Second is some artwork I have had in my head for about a week now and want to get out onto a page and finally is my writing. Since my book was destroyed a couple of months back I have yet to get back into a full writing habit in an effort to try and recreate it.

But it is still early in the evening yet so who knows what might happen.

Anyway, as I have mentioned before I tend to avoid doing the big things by doing smaller ones instead. Usually these are small things to The Bauble. Today is no different.

I have just written in some code that cleans up the index page for me, preventing it from getting cluttered with too many posts during those times that I am busy and just don't have the time to clean the site manually. Again, nothing that the casual observer is going to notice but something that makes my blogging life that little bit easier.

Next target on the cards is the comments section. That place is long over due an overhaul of its code and if I get enough important things to be doing then I might just have to get distracted enough to fix it up.


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