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After many battles with various drivers and some crazy experimenting with random bits of instructions I found off the web (not to mention enlisting the help of a friend from work who pointed me towards the correct drivers) I have gotten the webcam working in Linux.

Now, this was not a battle that I had documented at all, so nobody should go trundling off to the old rants section to see if they missed a rant or seven. It was just a little project that got kicked off over the weekend after my girlfriend said I should get the webcam working. She may have also thrown in a dig at Linux and how everything just "works" on her Mac (which I have slagged the odd time in the past).

But no, with the right driver in place (thanks D.B.) I got the Sony Vaio webcam to work in Mandriva Linux. Of course all I needed next was a webcam application that would work.

Luckily skype 2.0.xxxx has just been released for Linux. This version has webcam support in it and even works when you just install it (unlike the last version which involved me having to rebuild a load of modules and libraries and create a dozen symlinks to force the damn thing to install at all).

It even just picked up the camera during a setup test, no problems at all.

It's nice when everything just works. Even if it does take a little extra effort to get the ball rolling.

In other news I have finished my creative writing diploma. The last lessons were posted today, so I should soon get the grades back and have another little qualification under my belt.

Also Mr. Tea (you know who you are) stop trying to get me to agree to naked fun with you. It happened once, it was great, let us say no more.

Oh the rumors will fly with that one.


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