A conversation with a friend recently revealed a startlingly deep dark secret. She hasn't seen any of the following:

Any Indiana Jones Movie (excluding the heap of shit fourth one which nobody should have to see)

Any Back to the Future

Short Circuit 1 or 2

Gremlins 1 or 2


The Goonies

The Dark Cyrstal

Now, I am not a movie buff by a long shot. I do enjoy watching movies (hell when you cant drink you find yourself spending money on something) and have a pretty insane level of movie knowledge in my head. While the above may not be regarded as actual classics (who the fuck are we kidding they are all classics) I think a lot of people from my age group will regard them as must-see-childhood-movies.

Not childhood as in those cartoon things we all watched, but as in the ones you knew would be on at Christmas and battled with your arthritic grandmother to get the remote from her and make damn well sure you saw them childhood. The sort you hope never get remade by Holly-shit-we-ran-out-of-original-ideas-wood.

Not to mention I am sure I have left some movies out of the above list (The Princess Bride being one somebody has just mentioned to me). To be twenty five years old and not have seen at least one of those movies is a crime that must be fixed straight away. It shocked me so much that I just had to share this strange information with the world. I mean I know the girl has dreadful taste in movies (Pearl Harbor? What the fuck is that about!) but this is just scary shit.

In other news I have buckled and went and bought myself a graphics tablet for my PC. It should be here sometime next week. Nothing too flashy or pricey, just a middle of the range deal to try out and see how it goes. It should make drawing the webcomic (or anything for that matter) a new and interesting experience for me.

Plus I was able to justify it under a number of reasons (because I seriously over think spending money on gadgets).

1) It was pay day, so I had a little extra money I could use.

2) I got paid for my website work and that could also be diverted to the tablet fund.

3) The webcomic idea is an actual good reason to invest in this item.

4) By drawing on the tablet I am saving trees because I wont be using so much paper to draw anymore and thus I am helping to prevent the felling of the rainforest and slow global warming by doing my bit for the environment.

Okay, okay, okay, item 2 might be pushing it a little. But what one thing did you change today?


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