Coasting along


Funny story.

My car died. Again.

Well to be precise it actually died this time. 100% complete and utter system failure, no more mazda as the Jester Mobile. After weeks of constantly chugging along trying to pretend like it was a real car and not some made up heap of shit it finally collapsed on me today. Just like it did last time, except this time it decided it would be funny to full cut out and loose all power while going through a pretty nasty and big junction in the city.

I had just enough momentum behind me (I may have been speeding slightly to will the damn thing through the junction) so that when it did cut out all power to the engine I was able to coast along and park it in the bike lane.

So now the hunt for the next jester mobile has begun a few days earlier than planned. As in I will be going for a shop around tomorrow.

Maybe this time I will even get a car that will last longer than a year with me, maybe even one that won't get broken into.

But then again, why break tradition right?


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