The Pill's Epic Fail


Be honest, how many of you read that title and instantly thought it referred to somebody getting pregnant with mini-jesters?

My migraine pill is the one being spoken of in this posting.

On Wednesday I had the starter for a migraine creep into place but since being on the new tabs that wasn't a big deal. Then on Wednesday night it got a little worse. Thursday evening I was back in the habit of blocking out all sources of light and wishing that every child on the street outside would burst in sudden, and silent, flames.

Truth be told I am not much better today. The pain has gone back a little but my eyeballs still hurt when I move and every few minutes I get a "jab" of pain through my brain.

All that being said, this is the first attack in four months, for that sort of trade off I will stick on the tabs. Plus it is still no where near as bad an attack as I use to have, where entire days were lost in a sea of pills and puke. Sometimes at the same time.

In other news, I really like my graphics tablet. It has to be one of the best gadgets for fun purchases I have made in a long while. The other night I even got it to work with my laptop in Linux. This might not be big news to some people, but because Inkscape is cross OS (for the blonde folk out there that means it runs on Windows and Linux) I can now do drawings on my desktop and then continue working on the same image on the laptop.

To me that is pretty cool, leave your snide remarks elsewhere (may I suggest the comment section).


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