I just got to thinking about the different communities I find myself in these days. It is sort of funny in a way that I have extended my circle of contacts.

First is the actual people I see on a regular basis, they know me and are stupid enough to hang out me with.

Then there is the online lot, some of which use The Bauble as the main means of contacting me. In fact only the other day a Bauble poster complained about how confusing "Next" and "Previous" was on the comments page and I had to go and change it to shut them up. There is also a whole bunch of people that I have never met but who have emailed me as if we know each other. I know them through one person, and yet if I was to get an email from them tomorrow demanding Jester T-shirts it wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

Mainly because three of them have done that already this week. The answer is still no.

Next is the bunch of fakes that I know, the people that pretend to be my friend and yet when, after months of just plain ignoring me and my efforts at contact them, they do contact they have no idea what to talk to me about so they just cast as wide a net as they can in the hope that if I reply I will be stupid enough to think they actually give a rats ass about anything they asked me and respond.

Top Jester Tip number one: I wasn't born yesterday, I don't fall for that stupid shit.

Finally we have the Comedy community. How any night I show up in Neptune (which needs support folks so come on and get your asses down to some cheap and good entertainment) I know at least three other comedians on a first name basis and others on a "I know the face" nodding basis.

For a person that announces regularly that he would be happier alone I seem to go out of my way to make friends.

Oh, and to those in the Fake Community that have tried to give me a new nickname: I have one already.

It's The Jester.


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