Ah it just wouldn't be Dublin city without something strange like this happening. It's this sort of thing that makes me love the city.

I had arranged to meet somebody in town last night and was standing at the designated meeting location a few minutes early, waiting. Across the street a polluted guy is walking along, probably forty years of age but with the heavy drinking who knows. He has in his hands a bag of shopping, so I am assuming he isn't homeless but that might be a big leap on my part, a few cans of bulmers and one open can that he is chugging along from.

He stopped in a doorway and started to sing to anybody that passed by. Now I am no new guy to the street theatre, I now how to observe and stay away from it at the same time. But as luck would have it I made eye contact with this guy and he got it into his head that we should be friends.

So, bag in one hand, tinnies in the other, and total disregard for traffic, he saunters across the road and comes up to me.

"Alright mate," he bellows, offering me a can.

"Evening," I say, because after all manners are important.

"My name's Kenno man, Kenno," says Kenno with his hand offered out in friendship.

I figured what the hell and gave him a hearty shake.

Looking back it was probably a better idea to have not made eye contact because while I am there, shaking hands with Kenno the drunk and holding a can of bulmers in my free hand, along comes the person I was meeting.

I've made better first impressions.

And now, because one of the blog readers loves the techie talk, some techie talk.

I have finally gotten my PDA to sync in Linux. It isn't a major feat in itself, but something that I have wanted to get done for a while. I use to love having the PDA handy because I could do some writing no matter where I was and then just upload it other story when I got near a PC. Now that I have gotten the Z22 working with Mandriva I can do that once more, which is great for when I have half an hour to kill in the office and my PDA handy.

Also I just spent the entire day getting my grub menu back working because I installed Opensolaris onto my laptop and it appears that Sun favours the Microsoft approach to Operating System installation: You only have one OS, don't dare try have more. Eight hours later and a lot of hacking I finally got Linux back online.

Christ I need a can of bulmers, where's Kenno.


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