Christ, I'm Busy


I don't like being super busy, I really don't. It sort of makes it hard to relax because you don't actually have time to relax because you are busy. I also don't like being short on cash and when you combine that with being busy you get two things I really don't like at the same time.

This month has seen the car replacement, the mother's birthday and an up-coming wedding that Jester will be attending. That is a lot of bloody expense to be honest and my job doesn't pay nearly enough considering the workload I have. In fact I will be lucky to break even this month when I do get paid.

Add to that the fact that in work I have about ten little projects all on the go, all as important as the others, and not enough time to do any of them properly.

Only today on my way into work did I decide that that is the one thing I really hate about my current job. I can handle three projects at the same time, no problems, but when you have them and you keep getting other little ones that "have to be done now" and yet you get pestered about ones you stopped doing to do the new "important" one. Come on people logically that doesn't make sense.

My first job was nice. I had a project, I did the project, I moved onto the next project. If another project came along I was able to explain later that progress on A was halted while I sorted out B. In here they look at you and wonder why you haven't perfected the art of cloning or something.

So then I get home in the evenings shattered and have no energy to do MY projects, like comedy scripts or writing or the damn webcomic.

It wouldn't be so bad if I was paid to put up with all the "important" shit but I ain't so I rant and I look on the webs for the new jobs because that is all I can do.

New chronicle up by the way and be prepared for a long read because, as the title suggests, it is EPIC.


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