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I have jinxed myself I think, either that or once again my body has gotten use to the tablets I have been pumping into it. But I have another migraine, that is two now in the same month. Although this one isn't that bad, I think I might have caught it in time and took some pain pills. Now it is just an annoying thing at the back of my head, although it appears to be at that part of the brain that makes your stomach feel sick. Ah well I have had worse and after all these years I know how to work around the pain and not loose the entire day.

In other news because of the hectic week webcomic stuff has still dragged along. Although the graphics machine was being used this week to burn dvds and it tends to need all the resources while burning. I will get around to doing up a few pictures though.

I also thought I was after hitting the writing block again but just as I got stuck I pumped out two thousand words, my usual daily limit by four. The book is coming along nicely, hopefully this time next year I will be getting rejection letters in the door.

Website stuff. For the moment I will be posting the comics up on this site and maybe move to a second website at a later date. Also I am taking down the Submitted Chronicles section. It was a nice idea while it was there but it dried up very quickly.

Finally I just watched the first half of "The Light Fantastic", a drama based on the first two Discworld books. While I think Hogfather was better it was still a good stab at it. Worth a watch if you like clever humour.


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