Feeling Happy


Meh the other title made sense so this one does as well.

The other day I attended a wedding, in fact it was the second wedding I have ever been invited to. It was the wedding of two of my old intern friends (one of which I still work with). There was the requirement that a suit been worn (and purchased because I actually didn't have a suit) and that we get to a certain location up the North of the country by a certain time.

I have said a few times that I might be dead inside, no real emotions, and have definitely said a number of times that I like to keep emotion off The Bauble. But dammit to hell if I didn't have a happy feeling yesterday at the wedding.

Watching the pair of them say their vows, swap their rings, gaze into each other's eyes with stupid smiles on their faces, well it warmed this Jester's biologically broken heart no end. As soon as the pair of them were standing side by side at the altar I couldn't help but smile, because the pair of them are nice people. Better than nice they are great, really great, and good friends and just all round good people and to see them getting together forever felt right.

Two nicer people, not to mention perfectly suited, I couldn't think of if you gave me a year to do it. So to both of them I wish a long and happy life, because they sure as hell deserve it.


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