No, we have no...power


So, the good old ESB decided that they had to do some serious ESB style works in the place that I live these days. They sent out a little letter to tell everybody that during the hours of nine and five there would be no electricity provided to the entire estate. This was all fine, I mean these things have to be done after all, except for some stupid fucking reason they figured that the day most likely to effect the least amount of people was Saturday.


I mean why not a weekday? Kids at school and parents mostly in work. No, no, that makes sense. Let's do it on a Saturday. So I woke up at half ten and found out that the burning desire for a cup of coffee (it was a late night) could not be filled because there was no power. Plus the lack of power made the entire estate a god damn electric band because alarms well all going due to having no current going through them.

So I packed a bag and headed up to the folks house to veg out there for the day. It worked out well. Watched some dvds, yapped with the mother, nattered with the brother, then the electricity went there as well.

But by then it had been restored to my estate so it was back in the car and off we go.

I'm nothing if not a bastard.

Of course while up at the family home my brother did not pass on the chance to get himself a little website worked from the older brother. So now I am messing around getting together a webpage for him. More on that later.


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