I know...


...still no sign of the webcomic but there are some valid reasons for that.

1) I have been so busy lately that I am just about able to manage the 500 words a day limit for the book. Even at that I think I missed two days last week.

2) My up coming gig means I need to work a little on my material, actually it means I HAVE to work on my material. So that might even end up pushing my book out onto the sidelines for a while.

3) I said I would start making the site for my brother. Alright that was only a few days ago but designing things doesn't just happen, you have to work at it.

4) I am suddenly not all that happy with the design. I think the "dildo" hands that they have need fingers and somebody said that they should have the pointed jester slippers and damn them to hell for being right. So I will be doing some small reworks before starting on the comic proper.

Also I am just shit lazy these last few weeks. I haven't been sleeping properly and it is not effecting my hobby life. I was fine with it effecting my work life, hell I can do with being less productive in work, but when it effects the hobbies it is annoying.

In other news I got landed with more work in the job today. In two weeks time a co-worker is going on holiday for a month and needs some of her jobs covered. One of them was actually something that I would be interested in trying and so I volunteered for it, under the assumption that it was the only job that I was going to get. I have been getting trained up on what tasks need doing and have even gotten to do some dry runs.

Today in our meeting it was announced to the only other person in the group that knows how to do the job that they would be covering that aspect of her work. This moronic idiot, henceforth referred to as MI, has to be the most useless bastard that has ever worked in the company.

For years he has survived by doing as little as possible while at the same time learning nothing and requiring others to constantly bail him out. What's worse, because he has been in the group longer than ANYBODY (including our boss) he has this air about him that he is somehow better than the rest of us and that he should be able to dish out jobs to us and just be an all round gimp.

So in the meeting, and I could see it coming, MI decides to deny that he can do that job straight away and says he will need help or better still somebody else does it. So to avoid a full on futile discussion as was going to happen, the boss suggested maybe splitting the task between myself and MI.

I just know that MI's idea of splitting the job is going to be "You do all of it, I am too busy!". Which is going to make things interesting because the job I wanted and volunteered for is going to keep me up to my eyeballs busy (yes I know, why take on more when you are already flat out?) and the boss did say that if I was swamped I can turf it back to MI.

So the game is now afoot, and The Jester doesn't play by the rules. MI has met his match.


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