Drive Woes


So, today I was working from home because I woke up with a migraine that would have made driving a very entertaining event for both myself and other road users. It's one of the handy things about my job actually. My manager is fully aware and even sympathetic to people with migraines (myself and one other guy in the group get them fairly regularly and fairly bad) and he lets us sleep at our desk or just work from home without much notice. It's pretty cool.

But while I was here, high on pills and ordering interns from afar, I decided to pop a dvd in my other computer and watch it while I worked. I had to download a program to do this and couldn't find any good ones that were free so I downloaded a free-ish one.

Big mistake.

The fucking thing brought with it no less than ten trogans and a dozen other bad computer things. Not to mention it hosed my operating system so bad that the drive appears to be stuck in some continuous loop of spinning and crashing. So now I have to redo the entire system. I even had to go and buy a new hard drive and perform a small upgrade on the computer.

Why is it that the simpler the task the bigger the problem. Watch a dvd on a computer: simple. Do this: buy new hard drive and reinstall.

Plus it is my graphics machine (as in the one that I do my digital drawing on) and without it I can't do any of the artwork that I had been sketching all week. Most annoying.

Of course everything in life leaves a lesson. This one is an easy enough one: Never download free software that you never have to pay for, it will be shit. Download pirate software instead, at least you know it has to be worth paying for then.


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